4 steps to a successful ABM pilot

LIVE WEBINAR on July 11th @ 2pm EST

Many B2B companies deploy ABM pilots to test the waters before launching a company-wide ABM strategy. This means there’s tremendous pressure for the pilot to meet objectives. So what can you do to ensure your pilot delivers positive results?

Join us on July 11th at 2 PM EST for a live webinar where Scott Armstrong, CEO and Partner at Brainrider, and Neil Barbaro, Account Executive at Salesforce B2B Marketing, will walk you through the four crucial steps to a successful ABM pilot. In addition, Chris Zannotti, Sales Executive at Pardot will showcase how you can use Salesforce's ABM solution.

You'll learn how to:

  • Target the right accounts for your ABM pilot
  • Maximize your tech investment for ABM
  • Refine your ABM strategy to ensure buy-in across your organization
  • Leverage Salesforce marketing automation tools to run your ABM pilot

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About Brainrider

Brainrider is a B2B marketing agency solving your capacity, capability, and accountability challenges. We serve as a natural extension of your team to help plan and execute better content, web, and digital marketing programs.

About Salesforce

Salesforce is your business' command centre in the form of a customer relationship platform (CRM). Their solutions work together to manage your sales, marketing, customer service, and more in one central location.


Scott Armstrong

Partner at Brainrider

Scott Armstrong is the Co-Founder and General Manager of Brainrider, a B2B marketing agency focused on delivering better pipeline results. With over 25 years of experience, Scott has established himself as a thought-leader and trusted advisor in the B2B space.

Neil Barbaro

Account Executive at Salesforce B2B Marketing

Neil Barbaro is a Salesforce B2B marketing automation specialist and has been with Salesforce Marketing Solutions since 2014. Neil has been helping companies digitize and align their marketing and sales strategies for over 15 years.

Chris Zannotti

Pardot Sales Executive

Chris has been with Salesforce Pardot since 2016 as both an AE and SE. With over eight years of experience in recommending and implementing integrated online branding and demand generation programs, he helps businesse' increase market share, drive revenue and build brand recognition.

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